AFSC and Occupy

"I started an internship with AFSC about a month ago. I am working with the organization in relation to Occupy Greensboro and trying to see where AFSC is able to assist the movement in its growth. The focal values of Occupy, to be nonviolent and seek equality, are similar to the values of Quaker processes. In light of this, AFSC Greensboro distributed nonviolence informational pamphlets at our kick-off march last month and upon a few other occasions. AFSC also brought hygiene kits down to the camp when it existed, packed full of basic necessities for campers.

For right now, AFSC is going to explore opportunities to link up with and support Occupy's attempts to right an unjust social, economic, and political system. We can't predict what is coming next, just as we couldn't predict that encouraging people to go camping in a city would transform the world. But both AFSC and I are eager to do our part and contribute to what does come next..."

                          -Bobbie Sonner, AFSC-Greensboro Intern

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