“I did not see signs of panic in the city.”

Jorge Laffitte, AFSC director of the Latin America/Caribbean region, traveled to Haiti yesterday and sent a few observations via Skype.  He is doing well, has begun his assessment to find potential longer-term projects for AFSC, and has visited with the AFSC-funded food distribution program.

“The situation in Port-au-Prince is calm, but transit in Port-au-Prince is chaotic.  It may take more than an hour to move between short distances.

“I moved around the city for about 120 minutes and only saw one small violent incident.  What I saw today in the city was people doing normal business.  The driver confirmed folks are going back to their original homes in the countryside using free transportation by the government.  But I did not see signs of panic in the city, contrary to some reports.

“I also saw refugee camps in the city.  Most of them are very basic, but being taken care of by the U.S. military with water and food.

“Talked to HEKS [Swiss interchurch aid, who is managing feeding programs in three neighborhoods].  The feeding program began today.”