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Adbi's Story - Engaging Somali refugee youth

Adbi's Story - Engaging Somali refugee youth

Published: December 8, 2011

Abdi shares during an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop.

Photo: AFSC


I was brought up in Somalia where killing is the talk of the day, I never knew how to solve problem verbally either by talking or listening, all I knew was to solve it physically through violent ways. Due to constant war we seek refuge in Kenya, I was fortunate to be among those who attend AVP workshop and this totally changed my life from being an aggressive to a friendly and calm person.


Am confident and eager due to having discovered new, simple and creative mechanisms to deal with trauma and improve relationships all around me starting with a deeper self awareness. Am particularly very shocked in discovering and sharing with each other the fact that i know more about listening than i did before. I have never considered listening to be a part of communication at all! Just knowing that it is the most central skill in communication was a great discovery to me. Attending the training made me realize that we can go back to Somalia since it is our effort that can bring about the peace. We do thank AFSC for funding such wonderful project and we also request to extend this project to Somalia, it will be helpful to bring peace in Somalia as people will understand and listen more to each other.