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West Virginia Economic Justice Project in the news

West Virginia Economic Justice Project in the news

February 16, 2010: Listen to a story by the Public News Service about African Americans in West Virginia.

November 29, 2009: Social Status Has Measurable Effect on Health.

September 27, 2009: An Op-Ed by Rick Wilson on political paranoia with connection to health care reform.

July 27, 2009: West Virginia Public Radio interviews Rick about his personal connection to health care reform.

July 20, 2009: Lowest paid workers get a raise.  A vital win for West Virginia!

July 1: Read about West Virginia's expanded eligibility for unemployment insurance under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

May 12, 2009: Rick Wilson says that Federal stimulus dollars need to be injected into West Virginia’s new budget to avoid layoffs and maintain the level of social services.  “The governor has made similar statements that he wants to avoid cuts and layoffs,” Wilson said.

May 10, 2009: Groups urge leaders to carefully approach state spending cuts and a special legislative session will be held later this month to discuss the 2010 budget.

April 6, 2009: West Virginia is currently leaving $22 million in federal stimulus money on the table. That’s because to accept the money, the state would have to expand who’s eligible for unemployment compensation.  Rick Wilson speaks about why he supports the changes.

April 06, 2009Jobless bill backed by coalition.  Rick gathered a coalition of labor, advocacy groups, clergy and the NAACP to endorse SB246, now in the hands of the House of Delegates