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Ways to engage

Ways to engage

Quakers in action.
Photo: AFSC

The Meeting/Church liaison program is designed to meet congregations where they are at--whether big or small, active or inactive, we want to help your congregation work with the AFSC to build the movement for a more justice and equitable world.

Below we have outlined two possible ways to get involved:

Model 1:  Connect your congregation to the work of AFSC through monthly updates and activities.

Model 2:  Identify one issue that resonates with the interests in your community and focus on that issue throughout the year.

Model 1

Model 2

These are just two possible maps for engaging your meeting/church in the work of AFSC.  Check out more of our resources to find an activity or focus that fits with the flavor and interest of your Quaker community. 

If you need support creating your own map, contact Madeline Schaefer and she would be happy to help you create a strategy that works for your congregation.