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St. Louis Healing Justice Program Background

St. Louis Healing Justice Program Background

The Healing Justice Program is seeks to change our system of justice from a paradigm of retribution to one of healing and transformative justice that seeks to restore wholeness to individuals and communities.

This new system is informed by Quaker philosophy, by models developed in Indigenous communities and other Communities of Color, and by prisoners and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.

AFSC is active with Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and is working for a moratorium on executions in Missouri.

AFSC is also active in efforts to end police brutality and regain local and community control of police.

Police Accountability

AFSC is a member of the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression, which addresses issues of police misconduct and is working to set up a civilian oversight board of the St. Louis City Police Department. The CJP recognizes that police treatment of citizens is influenced by perceptions of class and race.

Know Your Rights Workshop

Know Your Rights is a new program in St. Louis and is aimed at decreasing the negativity and volatility of police/teen interactions, thereby decreasing the level of police abuse directed at teens. An interactive (role-playing) format challenges participants to think and talk proactively about their experiences with police. This workshop empowers both teens and adults by providing legal information along with practical knowledge about body language and attitude.