Remembering Louis Schneider

Lou Schneider addresses AFSC staff

<p>Louis Schneider addresses AFSC staff at the Friends Center Meeting House.</p>

Louis Schneider addresses AFSC staff at the Friends Center Meeting House.

Louis Schneider served as an AFSC staff member for more than four decades, including as its Executive Secretary from 1974-1980. He passed away on Sept. 20, 2012.

Louis guided AFSC programs of service and reconciliation both here and abroad, steadfast despite controversies. During the course of his service, he visited 38 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America – including Chile, Guatemala, Korea, Russia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Collected here are a few items from the AFSC archives that record Louis’ impact and reflections.

Louis Schneider AFSC Oral History Interview

In 2002, AFSC sat down with former Executive Secretary Louis Schneider to discuss his invovlement with AFSC during his teens up to his work in Vietnam.

Louis Schneider named Executive Secretary of AFSC

In 1974, after 14 years of serving as staff director for international programs, Louis was named the Executive Secretary of AFSC.

AFSC and the Vietnam War

Lou Schneider in Vietnam

Louis Schneider (front row, middle with dark suit) walking up the steps of the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi to present a wreath on behalf of AFSC on Sunday morning, Aug. 31, 1975, as part of the Democratic Reupblic of Vietnams's 30th anniversary of independence celebration. 

In 2001, Louis Schneider's grandson Benjamin Temple recorded this interview about his grandfather's involvement in the Vietnam War for AFSC.

Looking Ahead - AFSC's Future

On Nov. 10, 1979, Louis Schneider gave an address at the AFSC Annual Meeting regarding the organization's future.

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