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Quaker Action Summer 2013

Quaker Action Summer 2013

Denise Altvater
Maine and Burundi communities begin to heal through storytelling

Telling stories of violence and trauma can lay the foundation for healing and for reconciliation.

Mike and Russell
Mentorship leads incarcerated men to leave violence behind

In Maryland, men siphoned out of Baltimore neighborhoods and into the prison system as part of the “War on Drugs” have fostered community and leadership development through the Friend of a Friend program. 

Two people embrace, leaning on each other
Why now is the time to change the U.S. prison system

Justice is best served by helping people heal and preventing further harm, says longtime California prisoner rights activist Laura Magnani. She argues that with growing momentum for change, now is the time to overhaul the U.S. prison system.

Broken on All sides cover
Dig deeper into healing justice: Read, watch, and get involved

Suggestions on what to read and watch to learn more about healing justice issues.

Prison privatization stopped in New Hampshire

In 2012, New Hampshire’s corrections department invited for-profit corporations to submit proposals to operate the state’s prisons. In response, AFSC and allies launched a statewide education campaign about for-profit prisons, which are associated with high levels of violence and reduced labor standards.