Many non-citizen youth (some, but not all, lack full legal documentation)  believe in the dream that getting an education is their ticket to a secure future, yet find that dream blocked when they try to go to college.  RI public colleges charge these students international student rates, even though they have grown up here and graduated from local high schools.  This bill would allow them to attend college at in-state rates, just like their classmates.  It costs the state nothing.  It doesn't displace any students who are full citizens.  And it makes it far more possible for them to have a better job and hope for full citizenship.  Please print out this petition.  Make copies for your friends to sign.  And send them to the House Finance Committee members (C/O House Finance Committee, RI State House, 81 Smith St Providence RI 02903 .   You can get contact information  for your representative by going to and clicking on House then looking for your Rep.