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No military intervention in Syria

No military intervention in Syria

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Photo: AFSC

For nearly a century of working with people affected by wars and their aftermath, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has witnessed again and again how efforts to protect lives through military means, no matter how well intended, ultimately cost even more lives and cause more destruction.

We grieve the senseless destruction of life in Syria. The ongoing civil war is causing death to thousands and displacement to millions of Syrians. We condemn in the strongest terms all forms of violence and war, including targeted acts of violence against civilians, missile strikes, and the use of chemical weapons. Please read more about AFSC’s call to all governments and parties to the conflict to end the violence.

Photo: Freedom House What to say to Congress: A new red line for Syria won’t solve the problem 
(Sept. 11, 2013) Congress needs to hear that we support the recent shift to multilateral diplomacy, but that even if the current diplomatic initiative on the table falls through, the U.S. must press on diplomatically. There is no military solution to this crisis. More.

Photo: Erik BarfoedReflecting on U.S. obligations toward Syria 
(Sept. 5, 2013) As we approach Congressional votes on military intervention in Syria, it seems critical to ask what our response can and should be—instead of military intervention—and how the U.S. thinks of its role in the world. More.

photo: Michael Gillespie Letter to U.S. leaders: Peace won’t come from military action 
(Sept. 4, 2013) Letters to President Obama and Congressional representatives, urging them to revitalize the search for a political settlement to the conflict in Syria instead of adding to the violence with military strikes. Please use these letters to reach out to your own representatives. More.

photo: AFSC/Jon KriegLetter to Congress: No U.S. military strikes on Syria 
(Sept. 3, 2013) Congressional leaders are moving quickly to schedule a vote to authorize the use of military force, per President Obama’s request for authorization. Let Congress know that you oppose U.S.-led military intervention in Syria.  

syria in middle east mapMilitary strikes not the answer in Syria
(Aug. 28, 2013) AFSC and 24 other diverse groups sent a letter to President Obama, urging him to reject military action in Syria and instead intensify diplomacy to stop the bloodshed. More.