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The Cost of War in Afghanistan

Published 2009 by: AFSC and The National Priorities Project

The document, “The Cost of War in Afghanistan,” gives a historical and cultural context to the seven-year-old conflict and details the human cost of war in thousands of casualties, both American and Afghan, and millions of refugees.


Summary Documents of AFSC’s Position on Afghanistan

Published by: AFSC, 2009

These four documents outline AFSC’s position and recommendations on Afghanistan in four focus areas. Each document contains a summary of our position and greater detail under the subject focus.

Internal Peace Building

End Reliance on Military Solutions

Regional Diplomacy

Social Development


Conflict Assessment in Afghanistan


New plan for Afghanistan means more of the same
Press Release | 1 December 2009

Finding an end to a costly war
Staff Commentary | 20 November 2009 | Huffington Post

Peace in Afghanistan- AFSC's Peter Lems talks about Afghanistan's future. (PDF)

Our best way forward is out - Our take on Afghanistan appears in The Huffington Post.

Legislative Action

Meeting with a Member of Congress or staff - Meeting with a Member of Congress is the most powerful way you can communicate with them.

Afghanistan Exit Strategy - Please Co-sponsor H.R. 2404Support a U.S. Military Exit Strategy for Afghanistan

Exit Strategy Amendment Vote
- A list of who voted for the amendment

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