"Introduction to the Quaker testimonies," with study advice

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Friends Testimonies Booklet Cover

Testimonies Booklet Cover

Quaker Testimonies Booklet cover

"An Introduction to the Quaker Testimonies" is a booklet that describes the basic concepts of each Quaker testimony, and how the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) strives to practice that testimony in its work.

The booklet is set up in the format of advices and queries, with thoughts about living out each testimony, followed by quotations for reflection and queries for response. The below study guide is intended to provide Quaker meetings with ways to interact with the material in Adult Religious Education settings, or with high school Friends.

Please let us know how you’ve used the booklet and study guide and if you have suggestions for additions or changes to either.

Listen to Lucy Duncan speak about the booklet's publication, and how it might be utilized by your meeting or church community (0:54).

Below you can find a PDF of the full booklet, followed by the study advice. You can order physical copies of the booklet from QuakerBooks of FGC.

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