Immigration Reform Advocacy Toolkit

No Human Being is Illegal

No Human Being is Illegal
Lori Fernald Khamala

The Toolkit is a collection of documents and resources that we hope will help you speak up in support of comprehensive humane immigration reform.   It is crucial that your Congressional Representative and Senators hear from many people who support fair, just, humane reform.  These resources will help you craft your own message.  You might also simply want to send the New Path document and testimony AFSC has given with a note saying that you like what is said in those documents and hope that they will read them.  What is important is that you speak up! 

A New Path (full version)

Available in English and Spanish, A New Path lays out our seven principles for a new path toward a humane immigration policy:

A New Path (short version)

This four-page handout gives a condensed version of AFSC's A New Path.

It's also available in Spanish.

New immigration bill includes support for families and workers, yet would continue key failures of current system

Quaker group: Fair path to citizenship must reflect more humane principles

Nueva propuesta de ley migratoria incluye apoyo a familias y trabajadores, pero continuaría fallas importantes del sistema actual

Organización cuáquera afirma que un camino justo hacia la ciudadanía debe mantener una postura de principios más humanos 

Testimony on deportation, detention, and family separation

Statement for the Congressional Record pertaining to the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

March 18, 2013


Immigrant ally resources for Quaker meetings and churches

Jordan Garcia - How to be an Effective Ally

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally

AFSC is asking meetings/churches to partner with us on supporting our program work around immigrant justice. One way to support the immigrants rights movement is to to learn how your meeting can be an affective ally to immigrants in your area.

Listen to Lucy Duncan on the origins of the immigrant ally program focus area (1:03).

Faith Organizations Statements on the Senate Immigration Reform Bill

Many faith groups have issued statements on the proposed Senate Bill on Immigration Reform.  Here is a collection of some.

Immigration Community News Updates

Download the PDF of this week update from the Campaign for Humane Immigration Policy team.

AFSC Summaries of House Bills

Portlans AFSC immigration rally

AFSC immigration rally in Portland, Oregon.

One pagers updates for the following pending immigration bills in the House of Representatives:

HR 1417: The Border Security Results Act

HR 1772: The Legal Workforce Act

HR 1773: Agricultural Guestworker Act (Ag Act)

HR 2131: The Supplying Knowledge-Based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM Visas Act (SKILLS Visa Act)

HR 2278: The Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act (SAFE Act)

HR 15: The Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act 

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