Eyes Wide Open and Cost of War in Indiana

Eyes Wide Open - The Cost of War to Indiana

Eyes Wide Open on display at Monroe County Courthouse, Bloomington.

Eyes Wide Open on display at Monroe County Courthouse, Bloomington.

In May 2007, the National Eyes Wide Open exhibit was displayed in its entirety in Chicago’s Grant Park for the last time. Since then, AFSC has split the exhibit into individual state exhibit that feature the boots of the soldier’s only from that state.

In Indiana, there are 159 pairs of boots that represent Hoosiers who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Along with the boots, 150 pairs of shoes are displayed to represent the Afghan and Iraqi civilian casualties. Credible estimates put the combined civilian casualties at well over 1.2 million.

The purpose of the Eyes Wide Open exhibit is to show Hoosiers the human cost of war. Each pair of boots is a living memorial to that soldier and friends and family have donated photos, letters and other personal items to the boots as they have traveled the state.

Since March 2008, the exhibit has been displayed at Indianapolis’ Monument Circle, Indiana University, Purdue University and several other high schools, public parks and war memorials throughout the state.

To read more about Eyes Wide Open, please visit www.afsc.org/eyes.

To find out how to bring Eyes Wide Open to your community, please contact Erin Polley.

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