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AFSC's approach in Haiti

AFSC's approach in Haiti

haiti doctor listens to girl's heart
Photo: AFSC / Terry Foss

Since its founding to help WWI conscientious objectors serve those in need, the American Friends Service Committee has worked in areas hit by humanitarian disaster.

When natural disasters strike in areas where AFSC has programs or long-time experience (such as in Haiti), we work to meet immediate needs. And AFSC continues to work with communities long after the immediate crisis is over, supporting local people as they recover and rebuild lives and communities.

For more about AFSC’s approach in action, watch our video and read more about our five years of work after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.


AFSC in Haiti

For several decades, AFSC operated a multi-faceted development program in the remote Grand’Anse region in southwest Haiti. In a rural area, we constructed the first health clinic to serve some 40,000 people, trained village health promoters, and conducted adult literacy classes. Economic endeavors included reforestation with fruit trees, providing equipment for fishing families, establishing cooperative stores to sell commodities at fair prices, and supporting the raising and proper care of indigenous Creole pigs and goats. AFSC turned these projects over to local leadership recently.