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AFSC works with people to understand and respond to the global economic crisis.

AFSC works with people to understand and respond to the global economic crisis.

A demonstrator holding a sign reading "Protect Our Communities"

AFSC works with people to understand and respond to the global economic crisis.  The econoomic crisis work focuses on three areas:

  • Helping people meet immediate needs and feel empowered to take action on the crisis and learn about local economic alternatives.
  • Supporting allworkers’ dignity and human rights, including the right to organize and reduce pressures to migrate in search of work.
  • Passing a federal budget that cuts military spending and increases funding for domestic human needs, foreign assistance, and job creation.

    Resource List

    This compiled list of trusted resources can help with learning about the global economic crisis and getting help with immediate needs. Learn more.

    Increase Worker Justice

    AFSC supports raising the minimum wage and policies that help ensure that workers have the free choice and a fair chance to form a union and bargain with employers for higher wages, benefits and better working conditions.  A strong labor movement is essential to the well-being of all Americans. Learn more.

    Change the Future of Trade Policy

    The TRADE Act is a positive bill that outlines an alternative trade agenda that will support livelihoods and development in both rich and poor countries. The bill will help remedy the unjust U.S. trade agreements that facilitated the spread the economic crisis around the world. Learn more.

    Human Needs Not War

    The combined operational costs for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are nearly $1 trillion.  The U.S. spends $720 million a day on the Iraq war.  How would you choose to spend it? Join us in working for new federal budget priorities that reflects Quaker values of justice, dignity, and human rights.