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AFSC’s Pacific Northwest Region: A Proud Legacy

AFSC’s Pacific Northwest Region: A Proud Legacy

The American Friends Service Committee has championed the cause of peace and social justice in the Pacific Northwest for over 65 years.  Our Seattle office was founded in 1942 to assist Japanese Americans and vigorously oppose their internment.

Over the years AFSC Seattle has advocated for Native American treaty rights, mobilized to end war, organized for education reform and desegregation, promoted a just peace in the Middle East, challenged homophobia, campaigned to end apartheid, and supported workers of color to integrate the construction industry among many other projects.

Our Portland office opened in 1947 as a clothing distribution center for people in need.  Over the years AFSC Portland has campaigned to end US intervention in Central America, empowered public school parents to advocate for their children, organized for LGBT rights, spearheaded economic development in the Latino community, and built bridges between Latino and Asia-Pacific youth among many other projects. 

At various points in our history we have also sponsored projects in Eastern Washington, Montana and Alaska.