Tucson, AZ

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Arizona Office

Arizona is Maxed Out

<p><a href="http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/1890/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=11317">Arizona is Maxed Out</a><span>&nbsp;is a campaign against the&nbsp;planned expansion of maximum-security prisons in Arizona.</span></p>

Arizona is Maxed Out is a campaign against the planned expansion of maximum-security prisons in Arizona.

The AFSC Arizona Area Office focuses primarily on issues surrounding criminal justice and seeking creative alternatives to mass incarceration.  The Criminal Justice Program's work is centered in advocacy promoting public education and social change. Some of our advocacy work is on behalf of individual prisoners or family members, but we strive to concentrate our efforts on larger, policy-level issues that affect large numbers of people. We serve as a resource for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their family members to find information and resources to address their questions and needs, and a place to get involved in bringing their voice to the seats of power in Arizona. 

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Resources for download

  • Arizona Lawsuit Complaint
  • Caroline Isaacs Arizona Lawsuit Statement
  • AFSC Asks Judge for Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Private Prison Contracts
  • Arizona Department of Corrections Lawsuit Resources

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