The Newark office is home to the Immigrant Rights Program, the New Jersey base of the Healing Justice Program, and the online home for the New York Metro Internship Project.

The Immigrant Rights Program integrates legal services, advocacy, and organizing, providing legal representation in challenging immigration cases and also ensuring that immigrant voices in New Jersey and beyond are heard in policy debates. The program responds to myths about immigrants through presentations and media work.

The Healing Justice Program monitors the mass imprisonment system in the U.S. and works with the incarcerated to transform the conditions under which they live. Through this, the program functions as a local and national resource on issues that few organizations are willing or able to address. The Healing Justice Program recognizes the dignity of all those in and around the criminal justice system, working with them to replace retribution with healing.

The New York Metro Internship Project engages college and graduate students with hands-on, summer work experiences with AFSC.