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Epistle to Friends Everywhere

Epistle to Friends Everywhere

                                                                                         Spring / Summer 2010

To Friends Everywhere,

In a small town in southern Somalia, in the midst of an area fraught with fraternal warfare and long-standing feuds, there is a new community center. 

Constructed with the wood and thatch characteristic of the area, the building’s design provides for both shelter and ventilation.  The center has grown out of a partnership between local people and the American Friends Service Committee, and has become a gathering place for representatives of various clans, for women, and for displaced persons fleeing violence.

One of the first activities of the center was a workshop on peace and leadership.  A hall booking officer has been appointed, and everyone looks forward to the center becoming a gathering place to help the community build new relationships and to develop tools for conflict resolution.

All over the world, in more than fifteen countries and in more than thirty-five United States towns and cities, the American Friends Service Committee is working to bridge the gap between what exists and what people everywhere hope for – for the elevation of human life to a proper level of respect and dignity, and for communities which are rooted in love rather than in domination and violence.

We are grateful for the spiritual and practical support of Friends.  Please continue to challenge us, to inspire us, and to help us.  Hold us in the Light, so that we may see clearly how we can serve as an expression of God’s attentiveness to and concern for the world. 


Daniel A. Seeger
Interim General Secretary