AFSC Opposes Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law

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sb1070 press conference

Press conference AFSC organized with our partners

Press conference AFSC organized with our partners to protest the Arizona bill and law enforcement action.

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Jordan Garcia

On June 4, 2010, American Friends Service Committee signed on to an amicus brief to stop the implementation of Arizona's anti-immigration law.

An amicus brief is filed to support one side of a lawsuit. Organizations like AFSC file such briefs when the lawsuit raises issues that reflect on the organization's goal and beliefs. Based on decades of experience working with immigrant communities as they struggle for their human rights, AFSC is particularly concerned about the law’s effect on immigrant women and their families, among them immigrant survivors of domestic abuse. We believe the proposed law has exacerbated the climate of fear among immigrant communities and will be implemented as a form of racial profiling. These concerns are raised by the brief.

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