Dear Friend,

Monday, February 13, President Obama is expected to release his proposed federal budget, kicking off the annual discussion of how the US spends money. As you know, last year’s process was short on solutions and long on partisan, misleading, often ugly, debate. Unfortunately, we believe this year likely will be worse.

The looming deadlines created by the collapse of the congressional “Supercommittee” last fall, the scheduled expiration of the “Bush tax cuts,” and the presidential election this fall create a climate for acrimonious debate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he doesn’t expect the Senate to pass a budget resolution using the regular process. Many in Washington, DC, including AFSC’s policy staff, believe that everything may come down to a “grand bargain” after the election.

But we can help shape the conversation in the meantime.

AFSC is working with local and national partners across the country to offer a vision of effective government that provides first for human needs, rather than being driven by military or corporate interests. We expect to hear misplaced claims that our massive deficit comes from food stamps, foreign aid, and other safety-net programs, instead of two off-budget wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and a recession driven by corporate irresponsibility.

Through our Move the Money project; the If I had a Trillion Dollars Film Festival , and the One Minute for Peace Campaign AFSC is raising awareness of the far-reaching impact of militarism on our country’s ability to invest in a truly secure future.

Please join us. Spread the word about these projects and help reset our national priorities. 

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In Peace,
Shan Cretin