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Detention and deportation pipeline

Detention and deportation pipeline

The U.S. deports over 300,000 people annually and holds approximately 400,000 people in immigrant detention facilities across the country at an annual cost of over $2 billion.  

AFSC works to stop detention and deportation, which needlessly tears families and communities apart. We work to create fair immigration policies that protect human rights, provide a path to citizenship, and address the root causes of migration so that those most brutally impacted by economic hardship are not further punished.

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Puppet wearing "Families belong together" sign

What do safe communities really look like? For AFSC in Denver, the answer can only be found by bringing together immigrants and non-immigrants to work together to ensure the fair treatment of all of the city's residents and work for equal human rights. 

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There's a federal policy requiring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to maintain 34,000 immigrant detention beds every day. This “bed quota” deprives immigrants of their liberty and devastates families—all while benefiting for-profit prison companies.