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Quakers respond to the State of the Union Address

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Quakers respond to the State of the Union Address

White House in the snow

White House

Photo: RW Sinclair / RW Sinclair
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: January 30, 2014

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (@FCNL) and the American Friends Service Committee (@afsc_org) partnered in live tweeting responses to the State of the Union Address on January 28th, offering a distinctly Quaker perspective on the issues President Obama raised joined by other Quaker voices who also tweeted during the speech. 

Here is a sampling of some of the most popular tweets from AFSC, FCNL, and other Quaker voices. We hope to partner on future occasions to add our Quaker voice to national dialogues. Follow us and join in the conversation in the future. - Lucy

About the Author

Lucy serves as Director of Friends Relations for AFSC. She has been a storyteller for 20 years and has worked with Quaker meetings on telling stories for racial justice and of spiritual experience. Before working for AFSC, she was Director of Communications at FGC, managed QuakerBooks of FGC, and owned and managed her own children's bookstore in Omaha, The Story Monkey. She attends Green Street Friends Meeting (PhYM) and lives with her son and partner in a Quaker cemetery.