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Acting in Faith

By: Clark Reddy
Published: April 29, 2014

Note: Below are two comments made by Clark Reddy, a white ally, on a long string of comments focused on FGC’s New Meetings Project website in the context of a Facebook group about Revitalization of the Friends Message. Greg Williams, a black Quaker in New England, commented that he was surprised and disheartened that the new website of the New Meetings project didn’t include more images or content that would draw in Friends of Color or speak more explicitly to the need to create meetings that were built on the foundation of anti-racism and committed to creating truly multi-racial...

Roots for Peace mural
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: April 25, 2014

In the Mar Vista housing project, residents are not allowed to plant food or flowers in their yards.  When I was in Los Angeles in February, Carlos “Elmo” Gomez, who works with AFSC, showed me his home where he had planted corn, rosemary, tomatoes, and beans. A few weeks later the housing authority came and pulled up and scattered all his plants. 

That didn’t stop Elmo, though. He continued to advocate for and with residents to have places to grow food. The day we visited he showed me the fenced in yard in which residents, with the support of AFSC, would be planting nine raised beds...

Chain Gang Women by Ojore Lutalo
By: Bonnie Kerness
Published: April 18, 2014

Note: Bonnie Kerness presented this talk at the Woodrow Willson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University in March. Her talk was one of a number of events organized around the exhibition of Artwork by Prisoners featuring the collages of Ojore Lutalo.  The announcement of the exhibit said,"Ojore, once a member of the Black Liberation Army, was incarcerated in the Trenton State Prison from 1986 though 2009. Lutalo was in the management control unit (solitary confinement) for 22...

By: Madeline Schaefer
Published: April 10, 2014

Reading the short stories from the new book, “Gaza Writes Back: Short stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine,” I was struck by the stories’ deep humanity. 

The fictional pieces connect the reader not only to the daily threat of violence, dispossession and oppression experienced daily in the Gaza strip—they connect the reader to the minds and hearts of the Palestinian people, full of passion, humility and power, despite the odds. 

I was reminded that this struggle for justice in Palestine is...

Clerks' Table at the AFSC Corporation Meeting
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: April 4, 2014

Note: Here is a slide show of the 2014 AFSC Corporation Meeting, the theme of which was, "Working Steadfastly for Peace in Israel-Palestine." Friends from throughout the United States gathered to learn together with AFSC staff, to conduct business, and to worship together. One Friend said, "I value the work of talented, dedicated staff and volunteers at all levels. I value the role of spirit/worship in AFSC's work. This meeting has been one of the best experiences of my life." Hopefully these photos convey the spirit and energy of the meeting. For more information about the meeting,...