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Vigil Against Torture

Vigil Against Torture

Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 5:30pm

This vigil is hosted and sponsored by its participants.

For the past 14 weeks, a group has gathered weekly in West Des Moines, Ia to vigil against torture.  The word vigil implies, a period of staying awake when one would ordinarily sleep. Many of us spend too much of our time sleeping.

Despite the campaign words of an Obama administration, many of the policies of the Bush Administration remain.  Just this last week prisoners at Bagram were denied habeas corpus petitions that prisoners at Guantanamo won.
... Guantanamo remains open, Bagram has been expanded.

There's no money for teachers in Iowa but there's money to create enemies abroad.

There's no money for job creation in the U.S. but there's money to create enemies.

There's no money to house the homeless but there's money to torture the innocent.

Families torn apart, lives assaulted... the poor pay for the fabricated crisis of the rich.

Got something to say?  COME SPEAK OUT!

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Send questions to Kirk Brown.


Corner of
35th and University Ave.
West Des Moines , IA