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Strong Feisty Woman Award Banquet

Strong Feisty Woman Award Banquet

Friday, November 19, 2010 - 10:30pm

 WILPF will honor two wonderful women:

Maggie Rawlands, active in Des Moines WILPF since the 1960s and a leader on causes like disarmament, small weapons treaty, anti-nuclear weapons, and challenging corporate power.  Maggie is delighted with the featured speaker we will have at the meeting, David Cobb from National Move To Amend.  More on David later.

Pam Jochum, Iowa State Senator, has been working to lift up the voices of regular ordinary Iowans her entire career. A strong advocate for Family Farmers, Voter Owned Clean Elections, Main Street, local control by communities and Regulations on Wall Street, lately Pam has been the voice in the Senate against Predatory Lending, Factory Farms and their ensuing water contamination.  

Our FEATURED SPEAKER, DAVID COBB is a former Candidate for President of the US (Green Party 2004) after having run Ralph Nader's campaign in Texas.  David put himself through law school and identifies with disadvantaged and minority voices.  He is a mover and shaker behind the Executive Committee of National Move To Amend Campaign, where US WILPF sits on the Steering Committee.  He believes that our DEMOCRACY (such as it is) is under attack by large corporate interests, and the Move To Amend Campaign offers a remedy for all Americans to get a government that works for all of us.  David is a fiery speaker.  His presentation will be part history and part heart-felt call to action.  

You'll choose between a delicious Pork Tenderloin dinner or a vegetarian Past Primavera Entree.  Reserve your tickets before November 10th by mailing a check to SFW AWARDS, c/o Willa Tharp, 4111 Ingersoll Ave, #1005, Des Moines, IA  50312.  DO IT TODAY!  Tickets are $30 each.  This is one of the only fundraisers WILPF does all year. And we are committed to sell 125 tickets.  So get your checks and meal choices to Willa TODAY!  

Please download the poster, print it out and put a couple around town!  Thanks!!

WILPF Des Moines -- 2010 Strong Feisty Woman Award Committee - Bethany Hemphill, Fern Andrew, Jane Bibber, Diane Krell, Evelyn Glazebrook, Mary Hansen Harrison


Holiday Inn Downtown
1050 6th Ave.
Des Moines , IA