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Siete Soles Film Showing

Siete Soles Film Showing

Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 8:00pm

Siete Soles is a fictionalized but totally true-to-life account of a group of immigrants trying to cross the Arizona desert.  Wendy Vasques writes: "We decided to show this one because of the slaughter a couple of weeks ago in Mexico of 72 Central Americans who were trying to get to the US.  We will again have a shared meal and discussion after the film; please encourage folks to bring soup to share if they would like to.  Last time we had a well balanced group of about 30 immigrants and 30 American-born folks from a wide variety of churches and organizations, and the conversations at the tables went really well.  No charge for anything, and please encourage people you know to come!"  Here is the original announcement:


The faith community of Trinity United Methodist/Las Americas Comunidad de Fe would like to help widen and deepen the discussion of immigration issues by inviting you to a series of films on  a variety of immigration issues, to be held the fourth Sunday of each month, followed by a shared meal and discussion.  Offerings will include such films as In the Shadow of the Raid (Postville aftermath and issues); Made in LA (undocumented worker issues); Dying to Live (border crossing realities);Which Way Home (children seeking to reach the US to join parents); and Siete Soles. We especially hope to bring together our immigrant community with the sincere and caring people we know whose energies have been directed to other social issues and who have doubts or uncertainties about immigration.  Please come prepared to share and deepen your awareness and understanding of immigration issues and let us form bonds with each other in the shared search for healing and change in our immigration policy.

Contact Information: 

Please call Trinity (515-288-4056) or Las Americas (515-280-8426).


Trinity United Methodist Church
1548 8th St.
50314 Des Moines , IA