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Save Our Democracy Ice Cream Social

Save Our Democracy Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 6:00pm

[From the Des Moines Chapter of WILPF]

All Wilpfers are invited and encouraged to attend a Save Our Democracy Ice Cream Social for State House Members and Senators.  We’ll serve homemade pie, cake and ice cream from 2-4pm.  Our goal is to talk again to our Legislators one on one.  Here is the letter they’ll be receiving: 

Since the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission  decision on January 20, 2010 where  Corporations as “persons” are  now  allowed to use the First Amendment designating their money to be their Free Speech, we have been educating the public/legislators and  are circulating petitions to gather grassroots support for an amendment to overrule  this decision.

This supreme court ruling in  essence allows corporations  to buy elections.  Overall, we reject the supreme court’s ruling.   We believe that human beings, not corporations are entitled to Constitutional rights. We believe money is not free speech.  To learn more go to

Move to Amend is a national grassroots movement whose mission is to end corporate "personhood” and educate the public about corporate control through their campaign contributions  which then affect the laws our Congress pass.  We are a local group of people who have been meeting since the Supreme Court made this ruling. You may have seen us at the Funeral March inside the capital this January or at the Farmer’s Market dressed as ‘I Miss Democracy’ passing out educational materials.  Polls show 85% of all Americans think corporation have too much power.”

Contact:  Deb Holley, Des Moines Coordinator, Iowa Move To Amend, 515-979-6588,, if you can help with a pie or cake! 


State Capitol Room 15
E. 9th and Grand
Des Moines , IA