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Roller Ball - Free Film Showing - Akron

Roller Ball - Free Film Showing - Akron

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 10:30pm

Is this what our world will be like if corporations keep winning constitutional "personhood" rights??

Rollerball is about the fact that the world has evolved into a place where six major companies run everything, with very basic names: "Energy Corporation", "Leisure Corporation", "Food Corporation" etc., where each company has its own anthem and logo/color scheme.
The corporations control EVERYTHING, including the main pastime for the people of Earth, "The Game", Rollerball.
Starring James Caan in this 1975 classic film.


Contact Information: 

Sponsored by Summit County Move to Amend
For more information, contact Carol Wagner, 330-762-6624


Akron-Summit County Public Library
60 South High Street
Akron , OH