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Peace and Justice Story Conference

Peace and Justice Story Conference

Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 12:30pm to Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 8:00pm

Presented by Coloradans For Immigrant Rights

Peace & Justice Story Conference - Healing Wounds Through Story

Free to all Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff... 

Each day is unique.  Register for one day or attend all three!   Visit Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conference information & registration

Where:  Metropolitan State College of Denver  (Free Garage Parking with registration)

Who:  Storytellers, Peace & Justice Workers, Teachers, Mediators, Parents,

           Counselors, Students & others who are interested in story and peace.

Why:  To learn, share, enjoy and be inspired by this unique joining of two worlds    

            Story and Peacemaking.  Enrich your work and life!

Sponsors: Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conference ( and Journey Through Our Heritage, Metropolitan State College of Denver (www.mscd.ed/journey/).  In conjunction with Conflict Resolution Month ( 

Thursday, October 14th,     8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.    

     Registration at 8:00 am in Tivoli Multi-Cultural Lounge

Borders Lifted, Voices Raised:  Inspiring digital stories of immigrants, produced together with their allies, to create more just & welcoming communities. Gabriela Flora & Jordan T. Garcia, American Friends Service Committee & UCS Professor James Walsh, Romero Theater.

Women as Peacemakers:  Stories of building bridges for peace based on Palestinian, American, and Israeli teens exchanging their own stories. Erin Breeze, Seeking Common Ground & MSCD Professor Maurice Hamington, Institute of Women Studies.

Changing Lives Through Tales of Forgiveness:  Work towards reconciliation by finding, shaping, and telling forgiveness stories, examining perspectives, and looking at the tellers’ own definitions of forgiveness.  Holly Love, Storyteller with a MSCD Professors Dr. adriana Nieto and Dr. Gloria Williams.



Friday Day, October, 15th,   9 a.m. - 5 p.m.    

Registration at 8:30 am in Tivoli Multi-Cultural Lounge

Exploring a Path Between My Story & Your Story:  Applied Storytelling Intensive

The intentional use of story will make your life and work, whatever it might be, more successful and satisfying. Come learn how to use traditional & personal stories and story activities to support your vision of peace and justice.  Susan Kaplan, M.S.W. and Elizabeth Twomey. Continuing Education Credits available   Free breakfast at 8 a.m!  Lunch on your own!

Friday Evening October 15th, 6:30 p.m., St. Cajetan’s Center

Slam Poetry and Story Meet!  Two Slam Poets and Two Storytellers join in an intergenerational meeting of story minds. Free dinner included! Poets:  Adrian Molina & Aju – Storytellers:  Denis Gessing & Lois Burrell.  Free Dinner!


Saturday, October 16th   9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Register 8:30 at St. Cajetan’s Center

I.  Story Showcase: Denis Gessing, M.C.,  Sondra Singer & Helen Trencher, Susan Marie Frontczak, Angel Vigil and Youth Slam Poet Eli Lynch.

II.  Sessions – Both Child/Youth and Adult Tracks

Conflict Resolution from a Child’s Perspective - Teaching Peaceful Values with Children:  Panel of presenters, from the arts, education and conflict work, using story with children in unique ways. Gina Abegg, Storyteller, Vickie Samland, The Conflict Center,  Reading for Peace, Tajali Theresa Tolan, Children’s Global Peace Project, and Helen Trencher & Sondra Singer, Alafia, Story & Music.

Story to Inspire a More Peaceful Classroom & School and

Celebrate Roots Through Language & Story Community Project: 

Jeffco Spellbinders, Lev Ropes, Simon Shadowlight, Susan Stodden, Ray Stodden and Bonnie Bingham, share wealth of story experience in schools.  Jane Treat, Storyteller and a School Media Coordinator, shares a successful project that invites sharing across backgrounds and deepens sense of community.

Bullied as an Adult: Learning How to Practice What I Preach and

Personal & Community Story as a Path to Reconciliation - Restorative Justice Circles:  Susan Marie Frontczak, Storyteller, shares program “Bullies Beware” with story, resources and personal activity.  Tammy Sherwood, Mediator, shows how listening and personal story works in restorative justice circle to rebuild relationships.

Stories of Peace in Three Circles - Personal, Community & World and

Healing our Communities One Story at a Time: Kathleen Santopietro Weddell, Storyteller, tells stories and invites reflection on images of peace.  Brenda Manuelito & Carmella Rodriquez share digital stories collected in the heart of native communities across the U.S. to create cross-cultural understanding and community building.

III. Using Song to Create Harmony From Down Under- No Experience Needed:

Linda Jacobson begins with a story of community.  Pam Faro, Storyteller & Musician, invites us to learn short, easy songs, inspired by the growing network of singing circles across Australia and beloved songwriter Fay White.  Join us for this inspirational, fun and harmonious gathering!


Contact Information: 

Susan Kaplan (303) 871-8469

Or Elizabeth Twomey (303) 758-1482


Metropolitan State College of Denver
1006 W. 11th Ave.
Denver , CO