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One Nation Working Together

One Nation Working Together

Saturday, October 2, 2010 - 2:00pm to 8:00pm

AFSC is participating in the One Nation Working Together mobilization on October 2 in Washington, DC.

AFSC has joined with a wide array of peace, immigrant rights, faith-based, labor, and social and economic justice organizations to co-sponsor this event.  AFSC joins this effort to help uplift the aspirations for of multitudes in the United States whose voices need to be heard in the debate over the direction of our country.

A Call to mobilize on October 2, 2010

Initiated by the NAACP, Service Employees International Union 1199, United for Peace and Justice, the AFL-CIO, Green for All, and joined by a broad range of civil rights, labor, peace and social justice organizations the mobilization this will be a large demonstration to unify a majority of Americans around a hopeful and inspiring vision of our nation based on social justice, mutual respect and common values.

Come to Washington DC on October 2 for an emergency mobilization at this critical moment!

  • Make our government work for people not companies.
  • Stand up for the well-being and economic security of all our families.
  • Advocate for the funding of community needs not militarism.
  • Call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops, contractors, and bases from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Stand up against hatred, intolerance and immigrant-bashing.
  • Stand up for a society that works for all of us.
  • Stand for justice, civil rights and a renewable energy future.
  • Demand the change that we voted for in 2008.

The signature event of One Nation is a rally at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on October 2.  Feeder marches are being organized by the various groups.  

AFSC is working with the Peace Contingent feeder march which will assemble on the Mall at 14th and Constitution just east of the White House.  Please arrive by 10:30 am.  Use the Federal Triangle Metro stop.  This contingent will march as a group, chanting peace slogans, to the Lincoln Memorial.  AFSC is also working with the Immigrants Rights Contingent which will assemble in front of the Capitol Building at 10 am


(Excerpt from the One Nation call)

We march for a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. We march for jobs, justice, and education. We march for an economy that works for all.  We march for a nation in which each person who wants to work can find a job that pays enough to support a family.

We march to create a million new jobs right away, because the national values that got us out of the Great Depression will get us out of the Great Recession.

We march to build a world-class public education system, from pre-school to community college and beyond - because our nation must start unleashing the greatness of every child today.

We march to end racial profiling and re-segregation– from Arizona to Atlanta. We march to defend the Voting Rights Act and the 14th Amendment.  We march to advance human rights, civil rights, equal protection, and dignity for all.

We march to fix the broken immigration system – because no child should live in fear that her parents will be deported.

We march to ensure every worker has a voice at work. We march for green jobs and safe workplaces, so no worker will have to choose between her livelihood and her life.

We march for a clean environment, so no child is ever forced to decide between drinking the water or breathing the air and staying healthy.

We march to move our nation beyond this moment when a handful of Senators can block urgently needed progress – skewing our national budget towards tax cuts for the wealthy, unjustified military spending and prisons.

We march to demand full equality for all women in all communities, indulging an end to wage discrimination.

We march for peace abroad and job creation at home. We march for energy independence, public safety, and public transportation because the nation we want to build most is our own.

We march to demand full equality for all women in all communities, indulging an end to wage discrimination.

What else can I do?

      Contact Information: 

      If you want to be in touch with AFSC representatives who have been working on the mobilization effort you can contact them below.

      AFSC New England Regional Office/Cambridge, MA

      Paul Shannon –
      Gabe Camacho –


      AFSC Mid-Atlantic Regional Office/Baltimore, MD

      Gary Gillespie –

      410-323-9200 x229

      AFSC Mid-Atlantic Regional Office/Charleston, WV

      Rick Wilson –


      AFSC Central Office/Philadelphia, PA

      Oskar Castro –



      Washington, D.C.