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ONE NATION March for Jobs Send off Rally

ONE NATION March for Jobs Send off Rally

Friday, October 1, 2010 - 10:00pm

Chicago JWJ is helping organize buses to attend the ONE NATION March for Jobs on Oct 2 in Washington DC.

We are still taking reservations but we need your info now.

To reserve a seat call us at 312-738-6209 or email
Cost is $125 plus $20 for food and $5 for a Metro pass to get to the mall itself.
You can reserve with a check or credit card.

We have scholarships for unemployed people.  Call asap if you are unemployed and want a scholarship!!!


Statement of the
Midwest Regional Mobilization for Peace & Justice
On the Oct. 2 One Nation Rally

The Oct. 16 Midwest Regional Mobilization for Peace & Justice endorses the October 2 One Nation rally in Washington D.C. to demand jobs and economic relief from the deepening recession.

Although the lead organizers of the Oct. 2 rally will attempt to use it to promote Democratic candidates in the November elections, most members of community organizations, peace and justice groups, and labor unions will not be there for that purpose.  This rank-and-file presence in DC will be a welcome counter-force to the failed promote-the-Democrats strategy of the rally organizers.

U.S. Labor Against the War has pointed out in its call to build the Oct. 2 One Nation rally that:
"The trillion dollar wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have robbed our communities of desperately needed resources... As the economy falters, it is time to change course..."

We also call for an end of U.S. aid to Israel and an end to the Israel blockade of Gaza.

These are messages which the Democratic Party will not want to hear, and these messages should be made loud and clear on Oct. 2.

We do not agree with the strategy of the Oct. 2 organizers seeking to re-elect Democrats this year who view the Democratic Party as a vehicle to end these wars.

For the Oct. 2 rally, we, along with many other participating organizations opposed to the war policies of the Democrats and Republicans, will raise our slogans:

END the Wars & Occupations NOW!
Money for Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed!


Teamsters City Auditorium
1645 Jackson Blvd
Chicago , IL