Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Liberation Square:
Parque Union/Union Park 101 N. Ashland
(Corners of N. Ashland and W. Lake St)
Chicago, IL

-12pm: Reunion at Liberation Square, Union Park.
- 2pm: March to Daley Plaza & action at Boeing's H-Qrtrs.
- 4pm: join Coming Out of the Shadows Rally with Immigrant Youth Justice League
... -More Info on this Event at Daley Plaza Visit:
- 5pm: March back and Celebration at Union Park "Liberation Square"
The recent struggles for liberation in Tunisia and Egypt have ignited
a combatant spirit all over the world. In the US, the struggle in
Wisconsin is a new beginning. Public sector workers, youth, anti-war
organizations and disability activists are uniting to address the
multifaceted system of oppression that constructs borders between
oppressed communities, keeping us divided. It is time to challenge the
politics of scapegoating that conceals the root causes of the current
social, political and economic crisis. As people committed to fighting
for immigrant justice, we recognize we can no longer look to
politicians and their liberal organization
Join us at Liberation Square!! This is a community gathering and
speak-out on the connections between immigrant rights, militarization
and the global economic system. We will also march for an action at
Boeing, one of the largest military contractors who has also made
enormous profits from border militarization. In their never-ending
hunger for profits, corporations like Boeing have been a major driving
force behind increasing anti-immigrant hatred at home, and increasing
wars abroad – because their profit margins depend on fueling the war
machine and on making more and more people “illegal”. We will confront
Boeing with our message: you are guilty of crimes against our