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Mark the first anniversary of the Citizens United Ruling

Mark the first anniversary of the Citizens United Ruling

Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 4:00pm

Iowa Move To Amend is planning a silent funeral procession to mourn the death of democracy caused by the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision on Jan. 21, 2010 which gave corporations unlimited ability to contribute to political campaigns.  In this, the latest in a long pattern of corporations stealing the constitutional rights meant for human citizens, then using them against us, the court asserted the rights of corporations to select candidates for office, decide by their contributions who runs, who wins, and once they win,  what policies and programs get addressed or silenced, based only on greed and their drive for unsustainable profits.

Volunteers will gather at 10:45am at the Rotunda of the Capitol, dressed in black and carrying signs.  Many will wear black funeral veils.  They will walk silently around the perimeter of the Rotunda carrying signs and a banner and handing out information sheets about the Move To Amend campaign to strip constitutional rights from corporations.  We are trying to arrange a time for Representative Chuck Eisenhardt to speak during the event and hopefully to read a resolution that will be introduced into the legislature. 

All are invited to participate.  For more information contact Marybeth Gardam at 515-210-7928.     More information about this event as details are set.   Planning meeting on Monday at 7pm at Plymouth Church.  Y’all come!


State Capitol Rotunda
E. 9th and Grand
Des Moines , IA