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Love Knows No Borders, No Walls -- ICE Detention Center Vigil

Love Knows No Borders, No Walls -- ICE Detention Center Vigil

Monday, February 6, 2012 - 11:00pm
Jordan Garcia and immigrant detention

At left, Jordan Garcia, AFSC Colorado Immigrant Ally Organizing Director, and Gerardo act out a flowchart depicting the connections between various aspects of immigrant detention. They do so at a meeting of Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR), a project of AFSC.

Photo: AFSC

Bring a love poem or love letter for Justice to share OR a valentine for someone interned!  If YOU know someone being detained at the Aurora Immigrant Detention Facility, please send us their name and a message to and we’ll make them a personal Valentine from you!  Please contact Jordan Garcia ( or call 303.623.3464 for more information.

Feeling Artistic? You’re invited to help us make one Valentine for each person unjustly detained in Aurora, Colorado at the GEO Immigrant Detention Facility.  On your own, with your ESL class, with your faith community, at family dinner, with your student group, this is a great activity for reflection, meditation, and selfless creative expression.  Feel free to join us the Tuesday before our February Vigil, January 31st, 5:30 - 7 at AFSC to finish up the 540 Valentines we’ll be collecting. Last year we had extra heart felt Valentines, and were able to share them with Day Laborers, too.


ICE Detention Center
30th and Peoria
Aurora , CO