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Legacies of Iraq War / Lessons for U.S. Iran Policy

Legacies of Iraq War / Lessons for U.S. Iran Policy

Monday, March 19, 2012 - 11:00pm to Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 12:30am
Photo: AFSC

How do we evaluate the legacy of nine years of war in Iraq and prevent our repeating mistakes in Iran and elsewhere?

First steps are facing the truth about how the U.S. public was manipulated and frightened into accepting war and the truth about the devastation the war has wrought for Iraq and the U.S.

Hear a panel speak about the human, economic and political impacts of the Iraq war on Iraq and the U.S., analysis of U.S. Iran relations and how lessons from Iraq can guide U.S. Iran policy.

Panel members include:

  • John F. Henry, Professor of Economics, UMKC
  • Lucky Garcia, Iraq War veteran who worked with Iraqi citizens
  • Mitchell Green, Afghan War veteran & UMKC graduate student in economics
  • Tom Magstadt, PhD, International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Mission Accomplished?

  • Almost 4500 U.S. troops killed, over 22 thousand wounded and high rates of PTSD
  • Hundreds of thousands Iraqi civilians killed
  • Millions of Iraqis suffering a lack of basic services (electricity, clean water, sanitation…)
  • Over $800 billion U.S. tax dollars spent on the Iraq war.

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