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Labor Justice Workshop in Denver

Labor Justice Workshop in Denver

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 9:00pm

2011 Coloradans For Immigrant Rights Monthly Skill Share!  

Seth Donovan, Colorado Jobs with Justice Board Member, shares a labor justice workshop! What DOES “Worker” Mean? What DOES “Labor”  Mean? The word “worker” and “labor” have become hot button words in the current context of immigration dialogue. Understanding how we each fit into the conversation about labor is an important step in developing our perspective on labor initiatives, current worker rights, and how that intersects with so many other issues.

Come join us for a time of workshop and dialogue about our identities as workers, a look at worker history and how we fit into that, and current worker rights initiatives.  Meet us at the AFSC office,  for some SNACKS and a skill share, learn how further support the human rights of immigrants and workers!


AFSC Office
901 W. 14th Ave, Suite #7
Denver , CO