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Greensboro Employment March

Greensboro Employment March

Saturday, December 10, 2011 - 4:30pm

Occupy Greensboro is going to have its first employment march on Saturday December 10th .
Marchers will assemble at 11:30 in front of the downtown library, then march through Greensboro to end at Governmental Plaza for a rally with speakers from organized labor, the community, and youth.

North Carolina has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs since 1990, and lost 70,000 in 2009 alone, which is the 8th highest loss of manufacturing jobs of any state in the US. The current efforts at economic development paid for by our tax money to attract businesses are broken because they leads to large business coming and then leaving in unpredictable cycles that devastate the working class. For instance, Greensboro celebrates the arrival of Honda Jet while at the same time mourning the departure of American Express. This so-called “jobless recovery” has meant growing poverty and despair for far too many of the people who make up the 99%.

The March comes as the world grows increasingly aware of the need to imagine and create new ways of developing businesses that are rooted in our community, that produce jobs and community wealth, pay living wages that keep up with inflation, and that don’t pollute the environment. This march is the beginning of Occupy Greensboro’s ongoing local efforts to draw together the employed, underemployed, and unemployed in a community-wide effort to build a new economy.

Contact Information: 

Amanda Huber: 919-590-9058


Downtown Library to Governmental Plaza Greensboro , NC