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The Fiscal Cliff on Trial

The Fiscal Cliff on Trial

Sunday, December 2, 2012 - 12:00am to 1:30am
Photo: AFSC

Join us at a community forum exposing the deceptive framing of the debate on the deficit, U.S. tax and spending policies, and what is needed to improve the U.S. economy.

"The Fiscal Cliff on Trial" will analyze the debate on deficit reductions, tax policies, and federal spending proposals and their impact on Kansas Citians and our economy. 

Participants will hear testimony by community leaders and concerned citizens on the impact of the fabricated "fiscal cliff" dilemma and verdicts rendered by a panel of expert "judges." The "fiscal cliff," proposed government action, and the questionable "grand bargain" will be analyzed as to expected impacts they could have on our economy and community. Our expert judges will also propose policies that could create jobs, improve our economy, and provide investments for a brighter future.

Our panel of judges includes:

  • John Henry, UMKC Professor of Economics, who will assess the impact of austerity measures on workers, employment, and the economy
  • David Kingsey, PhD., KU Medical School and Convener of KS & MO Gray Panthers, who will discuss the consequences of proposed cuts to social security and the social safety net and the impact on our community
  • June Carbone, UMKC Professor of Law, who will examine the impact of our unbalanced tax system that increases abuses and unaccountability by CEOs and the 1% and undermines American society and institutions
  • Dave Pack, KC AFSC Program Clerk and Peace Action National Board member, who will analyze excessive military spending and cuts and conversions that can be made without decreasing national security while increasing employment

The event is sponsored by the UMKC Economics Club, American Friends Service Committee, Jobs Now, UMKC School of Law Chapter-National Lawyers Guild, Occupy KC, and PeaceWorks-KC.

For more information, contact AFSC at 816 931-5256 or, go to, or RSVP to the event on Facebook.

Contact Information: 

AFSC, Ira Harritt, 816 931-5256


UMKC, Student Union Theater, Room #103
5100 Cherry Street
Kansas City , MO