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EMERGENCY RESPONSE to U.S. Attack on Iraq!

EMERGENCY RESPONSE to U.S. Attack on Iraq!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 9:00pm

Within days, perhaps hours, the U.S. could start bombing Iraq.

When / if that happens, we must respond and reject this escalation of war by President Obama. 

While he has sent 300 troops (aka "military advisors") back into Iraq, Obama has clearly signaled that when he gets an Iraqi leader more willing to do the U.S.'s bidding, the U.S. will launch a dramatic escalation of the Iraqi Civil War, with more death and destruction for Iraqis. Obama also announced that even more surveillance is under way over Iraq to pinpoint targets for the missiles abroad aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.

We must reject this violence against the people of Iraq. Just as we rejected George Bush's attempt to control Iraq, we must reject Barack Obama's attempt as well. This has nothing to do with "preventing bloodshed" and everything to do with exerting American control.

At 5 PM on the day the bombing begins (or the day after, if it begins in the evening), please gather at Federal Plaza, corner of Adams & Dearborn Streets, Chicago for an emergency protest.

This event is co-sponsored by 8th Day Center for Justice, ANSWER-Chicago, Anti-War Committee - Chicago, Chicago Light Brigade, Food Not Bombs Pilsen, Gay Liberation Network and World Can't Wait Chicago. Just post here and we will add your group's name to the list!



Federal Plaza
50 W Adams
Chicago , IL