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Chuck Thomason On Restorative Justice

Chuck Thomason On Restorative Justice

Sunday, December 5, 2010 - 3:00pm

Chuck Thomason will speak on Restorative Justice: a Conversation on its history, scope, and function. How should our society and we as individuals respond to wrongdoing? What does justice require? What do our religious or philosophical beliefs indicate should be our response? A model that has brought hope for improving our response has been called Balanced and Restorative Justice.

Tomason is teacher, civic education and law-related education, currently instructor at the University of Illinois at Chicago in its History Department's Student Teaching Program. He taught over three decades in Chicago Public Schools and also serves as a teacher trainer in the Chicago Teachers Union QUEST Center and in Law-Related Education with the Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago, and the Center for Civic Education, and with the Citywide Peer Jury Advisory committee in Restorative Justice training.

Ron Chew will facilitate.


Third Unitarian Church
301 N. Mayfield
Chicago , IL