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Change Takes Courage: Protect our Families and Workers

Change Takes Courage: Protect our Families and Workers

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 - 4:00pm

A bigger ICE detention center in Des Moines is the WRONG direction for Iowa!  We say no to detention centers, no to fear of the police in our communities and no to policies that rip families apart.  YES to humane immigration reform and protection for all workers.

At the last Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting we brought more than two dozen CCI members and supporters to oppose the ICE Detention Center proposal in Downtown Des Moines and now it’s time for round two!

12:00 pm Rally and Press Conference

In front of Des Moines City Hall (E 1st St. and Grand Ave.)

1:00 pm – Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting

Meet us outside of City Hall at 12 noon.  After the press conference and rally we’ll all go up together to the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting at 1 pm.  You will be able to voice your concerns of having a bigger ICE Detention Center in Des Moines, and be sure the board hears our voice and feels our collective power saying NO to more punishment of families and hard workers caught in our broken immigration system.

Last time we had two dozen folks and this time we need 4 dozen to show this movement is growing! Please let us know if you plan to attend by calling 515-282-0484 or emailing or  Invite your friends and family!


Ruth Schultz

P.S. If you belong to a relevant listerv, please forward along this invitation!

P.P.S Thanks to everyone who has signed on to the letter opposing the detention center.  We have over 300 names and 9 organizations.  If you haven’t signed on please let know if you’d like us to add your name.



Des Moines City Hall
E. 1st and Grand Ave.
Des Moines , IA