Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 3:00pm

This fall the Republicans will hold their national convention in Tampa, FL. People will demonstrate against that party and their candidate, Mitt Romney, for their support of the 1% and their pro-war, pro-Wall Street policies. 
On September 4-6, when the Democrats meet for their convention in Charlotte, NC, there will also be left-wing demonstrations there.  But it seems that most of the North Carolina organizers have chosen to focus on what they call "Wall Street South," the banks located in the region. They are not directly confronting the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.
After 3-1/2 years of the Obama administration, with its escalated wars, bank bail-outs, attacks on civil liberties and nationally coordinated attacks on the Occupy Movement, we believe that it's important that the Left come together to confront Obama and the Democratic Party.
We are therefore calling upon all those in the Chicago area and beyond who want to confront the sitting pro-war, pro-1% President and his party, to participate in an open organizing meeting to put together a march against the Obama National Campaign Headquarters in Chicago during the Democrats' national convention.
The organizing meeting will take place at 3 PM to 5 PM, Sunday, August 5 at Multi-Kulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave, 4th floor (wheelchair accessible).  For more information or to endorse this call as an individual and/or organization, please email
Please help spread the word about the meeting – join the Facebook event here and invite others.
Sponsored by:
Occupy Chicago
Chicago Area CodePINK
Gay Liberation Network
Nicaragua Solidarity Committee Chicago
Ted Aranda
Bubὒr Balos
Vicki Cervantes
Mary Lou Finn
Kelly Hayes
Pat Hunt
Andy Thayer

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