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All the Films You Have Been Meaning to See... Film festival

All the Films You Have Been Meaning to See... Film festival

Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 2:30pm to 10:00pm

Three rooms, three seatings equals nine films, mostly documentaries for your viewing pleasure.  Many are ones you know but haven't seen.  A few may be new to you.  They include Made in LA, which depicts the real stories of women struggling for and achieving social justice for immigrant workers in the US; At The River I Stand, reveals how the civil rights and labor movements converge to win important victories; The People Speak, by Howard Zinn, giving voice to those who spokeup for change throught US history; Sir! No Sir!, a powerful documentary about resistance to war and much more.  See the document listing all films.  In the evening, a screening of the film February One, (1960) about the lunch counter sit-ins that challenged the every day segregation in the south.

Suggested donations are $5 per film  but if you bring 3 friends you get in free. Evening $10 (includes great desserts).

Contact Information: 

Martha Yager  or 508-399-6699

Kerry Bergin


Community Prep School
Corner of Somerset and Prairie
Providence , RI