Who Is My Neighbor? A Faith Discussion on Immigration

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Who is my neighbor

Who is my neighbor?

Immigration is an important issue for the United States. Christians who enter into this debate are called to look at the issue through the lens of faith. This interactive DVD curriculum provides an opportunity to reflect on faith responses to immigration while offering a better understanding of the complexity of the issue.   

This dynamic curriculum is comprised of four sessions. Each session includes watching sections of the DVD, interspersed with group activities and individual reflection. The sessions are:       

We are all strangers in the land of Egypt

What does the Lord require of you?

Perfect love casts out fear

The Good Samaritan:  Who is my neighbor?

To obtain a copy of the DVD and curriculum, please contact:

Jennifer Piper at AFSC Colorado

303-623-3464, ext 5


Partners: Colorado Council of Churches, American Friends Service Committee, Iliff School of Theology, The Bell Policy Center and the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition.

Created Date: 
Jan 5, 2011

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