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KC Move The Money -Organization Endorsement Form

KC Move The Money -Organization Endorsement Form

Photo: AFSC

Because of the misdirected budget debate in Washington essential social programs from social security to food stamps are on the chopping block in Washington. You know cutting programs for those most in need, for those who have lost their jobs or homes due to the economic recession or cutting benefits for the elderly on fixed income is not the answer to our economic problems. 

Lobbyists are hard at work spinning the news and working to focus cuts on social programs. We invite you to join with other KC area groups to weigh in on the debate to protect vital programs and expose the waste in Pentagon spending and call for investments which will help our economy.

We don’t have the multi-million dollar budgets to lobby Congress, but we do have our numbers and understand what is needed in our community. Now is the time to join together and raise our voices!  

 Please endorse the KC Move the Money Resolution and join in changing federal budget spending and revenue priorities!

* Please click the link, complete, scan and email the endorsement form to: 

Please review and endorse the Move the Money Resolution (Copied below). And help change the debate and call for policies which will help our community and nation.


Form for organizations to endorse KC Move the Money Resolution

Created Date: 
Sep 20, 2012