In preparation for the 65th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, PMR's Peace-building program is asking you to sign and send these postcards to your Congressional Representatives and Senators.

This is a critical time for the nuclear non-proliferation movement; the New Start Treaty was signed by Presidents Obama and Medvedev on April 8 and is headed to the Senate for ratification.  The terms of the treaty would reduce the number of nuclear weapons in both countries' arsenals. We are also hoping that the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty will be ratified; both treaties require 67 yes votes. This is a challenge because in December 2009, 40 Republican Senators and Joe Lieberman sent a letter to President Obama demanding large increases in nuclear weapons spending before they would support the New Start agreement. Among the list of demands were the following: (1) A call to essentially replace the whole arsenal with new modified nuclear weapons, and (2) A demand for a series of new warhead component production facilities.

Subsequently, the Obama administration has proposed the largest-ever budget for nuclear weapons. It includes money for expanding nuclear weapons production capacity in the form of new weapons facilities and a study that explores significant modifications to B61 nuclear bombs.  Senators Kyl and McCain released a statement saying that current funding levels for nuclear weapons were still "woefully inadequate."

Please support this movement for nuclear nonproliferation by signing a postcard and sending it to your Congressional Representatives and Senators. Thank you!

Created Date: 
Jun 17, 2010