1.  Start a local SodaStream boycott campaign & engage with the interfaith coalition @ sodastreamboycott.org
  2.  Join the We Divest campaign & contact TIAA-CREF about your pension funds@ wedivest.org
  3. Educate your community about Palestinian nonviolent resistance to Israeli occupation – Show “5 Broken Cameras” & use the new AFSC 5 Broken Cameras toolkit.
  4. Support lobbying efforts to end/condition US military aid to Israel. www.aidtoIsrael.org
  5. Answer the Kairos Palestine call to “come and see” and join a delegation co-sponsored by AFSC this August to Israel & Palestine (August 10 – 23, 2013). www.ifpb.org

 Stay in touch with our staff!  Mike Merryman-Lotze (mmerryman-lotze@afsc.org) and Jennifer Bing (jbing@afsc.org)

Created Date: 
Mar 21, 2013