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Manning Rally-IH

<p>KC Program Coordinator, Ira Harritt, at Rally for Bradley Manning.</p>

KC Program Coordinator, Ira Harritt, at Rally for Bradley Manning.

Photo Credit: 
Mike Murphy

Comments made by Ira Harritt, KC AFSC Program Coordinator at "Rally For Bradley" on June 4, 2011 in Leavenworth, KS.


(Correction / clarification to  Ira Harritt's comments: Charges have been filed against Bradley Manning. However, as of the June 4th, 2011 he has not  had an Article 32 hearing, which in the military is comparable to a grand jury proceedings. An Article 32 hearing is designed to be a thorough and impartial investigation of charges and specifications and is required to be completed before Manning could be referred to a court-martial.)

Created Date: 
Jun 6, 2011

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